Understanding Your Jaguar Dashboard Warning Lights

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Drivers who understand their Jaguar dashboard warning lights are in a better position to respond to issues as soon as they become apparent—and that means they’re less likely to become saddled with costly repairs. Here’s what every driver needs to know:

  • Generally speaking, a blinking dashboard warning light is extremely urgent, while a light that comes on and stays on merely needs your attention in the near future. 
  • Additionally, red warning lights tend to be more urgent than amber warning lights. These may show an issue that needs investigation, but they may also light up when one of your safety features has been engaged.

Common Jaguar Dashboard Warning Symbols

If a warning light appears on your dashboard, your InControl™ display, or your Pivi™ touchscreen, you can always determine its precise meaning by referencing your owner’s manual. You can also contact our service team online or by phone, at . Our service center is easy to reach from anywhere near Los Angeles.

With that said, we know that having an accessible online reference sheet can be very helpful! Check out some of the most common Jaguar dashboard warning symbols and learn about their meanings right here:

Red Jaguar Dashboard Warning Lights

  • Engine Temperature: An overheating engine is a major problem, so watch out for this light that looks like a rising thermometer. You should pull over immediately to let your Jaguar engine cool down, and you may want to get towed to our service center.
  • Low Oil Pressure: If the light that looks like a dripping oil lamp comes on, you need to take immediate action in order to protect your Jaguar engine. Either you do not have enough oil, or the oil is not being effectively distributed. You can add more oil and see if that solves the problem, but it’s better to err on the side of caution.
  • Critical Warning Message: Some warnings are too important to leave up to interpretation. Your Jaguar may deliver a critical warning with accompanying text, so be on the lookout for an exclamation point in a triangle.
  • Battery: This small box with positive and negative symbols indicates a serious issue with your battery. If it stays on while you drive, after having started the vehicle, there may be some flaw in the system that recharges your battery.

Amber Jaguar Dashboard Warning Lights

  • Check Engine: This light generally indicates a problem related to your vehicle’s emissions. It may be safe to drive, but your vehicle may reduce performance in order to prevent damage. For that reason, you’ll want to identify the issue right away.
  • Tire Pressure: New Jaguar vehicles include a tire pressure monitoring system that tells you when you’re low on air. If this light—which looks like an exclamation mark within parentheses, with treads on the bottom side—comes on, you should check your tire pressure as soon as possible. A flashing tire light indicates a more serious issue.
  • Hill Descent Control: If this light is on, your vehicle is using its hill descent control systems to maximize your control as you decline in altitude. If it flashes, the system should be working but isn’t functioning properly. This light looks like an SUV on a declining slope.
  • Dynamic Stability Control: The Dynamic Stability Control light looks like a vehicle with swerving treadmarks behind its tires. This light is somewhat unique because it flashes when it is triggered, keeping you aware of changing road conditions. If it remains illuminated, there is some issue that needs to be checked out. You may also receive a warning message to that effect.

If you want to reduce the risk that something might go wrong in your vehicle, learn about the ten maintenance tips that every driver should know.

Additional Jaguar Dashboard Lights

If your vehicle has been equipped with advanced safety and driver-assistance features, you might see a flashing red light when the Lane Departure Warning system determines that you’ve exited your lane. Additionally, if you are using Adaptive Cruise Control with follow mode, a yellow light will come on to let you know that the system is fully engaged.

You might also see a warning light appear when your vehicle is due for service! Similar lights may appear if your brake pads need to be replaced or other important components have worn out. Our guide to the Jaguar maintenance schedule can give you an idea of what to expect.

Service Your Jaguar in Anaheim, CA

The next time one of your Jaguar dashboard warning lights comes on while you’re driving through Orange County or Chino Hills, take advantage of our current service specials and get back on the road in no time. Schedule service online today.

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