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Looking to get out or just switch – Now it’s your turn.  Even if you’re still making loan or lease payments, we want to buy your car. And Rusnak is motivated to give you our maximum value based on current market conditions. We’ve helped many customers already by paying off their leases and finance contracts. And by selling their car to Rusnak, many incur no lease end fees or charges due.

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*Vehicle valuation contingent on dealer inspection. Not all customers will have positive equity in their current lease or financed vehicle. Factors that may affect vehicle values include but are not limited to higher than normal mileage, prior accident damage, accessories, and negative equity. Any amount you owe which is more than the amount allowed on your trade-in will be added to the new amount financed, subject to credit approval.


Can You Return a Car to the Dealership? With Rusnak, You Can!

Maybe you’ve still got a few months left on your Jaguar lease. Perhaps you’re still working through the final year of your Jaguar financing agreement. Either way, the desire to upgrade isn’t the kind of desire that can be pushed into the background for very long. So, can you return a leased car early? Can you return your car to the dealership if you’re still paying off your loan? Most dealerships near Los Angeles and Orange County will offer you the opportunity, but then they’ll leave you saddled with fees and charges that may end up placing a strain on your budget.

By contrast, our Jaguar trade-in assistance program makes the process as easy as it can be! We even offer assistance to help you pay off your lease or loan early! Whether you’re interested in returning a leased car early or returning a financed car early, fill out the form above to get started. We’ll walk you through your options and make sure that you drive home with a feeling of genuine satisfaction.

Trade In Your Car with Jaguar Anaheim Hills Today!

Trading in a car with a loan and choosing a new model should be an exciting, rewarding experience, and it shouldn’t leave you saddled with debt or fees! That’s why we’re committed to offering a great price in exchange for the trade-in cars of drivers from all over Anaheim and Chino Hills. Before or after you’ve determined the value of your trade-in, fill out the form seen above to let us know that you’re interested in our new Return My Car program. You may end up receiving much more than your trade-in is worth, and that means turning in a leased or financed car early might be much easier than you’d expect!

Once you’re ready to move forward, take the following steps with our team:

Now that you’ve seen how easy it can be to return your car with Jaguar Anaheim Hills, contact us today with any questions. You’re also welcome to visit our dealership in person whenever it’s most convenient for you.